Was held
September 25 - 27, 2014
in Okeechobee, Florida
All Contestants are judged on:
Personal Interview
Impromptu Questions
Modeling / Appearance
Miss Rodeo Florida
(Age 19-25)
Miss Teen Rodeo Florida 
(Age 15-18)
Miss Rodeo Florida Princess 
(Age 11-14)
Miss Rodeo Florida Sweetheart 
(Age 7-10)
Building Confidence ~ Achieving Dreams ~ Promoting Rodeo
For More Pageant Information
Tracy Clements 
Phone -407-908-2182

2015 Court: L to R: Miss Teen Rodeo FL Jenna Herstich, MRF Princess Addison Roberts, MRF Sweetheart Heaven Crosby, Miss Rodeo FL Sheila Shirah. 
Photo provided by Lee Gonzalez 

Pageant results
Congratulations to our ladies in waiting
The 2015 Court will begin their reign
January 1, 2015. 
 Check back for information on Coronation Events.

Miss Rodeo Florida 2015: Sheila Shirah
1st Runner up: Felicity Mejeris
Photogenic: Sheila Shirah
Horsemanship: Sheila Shirah
Speech: Felicity Mejeris
Personality: Sheila Shirah
Appearance: Sheila Shirah
Scrapbook: Sheila Shirah

Miss Teen Rodeo Florida 2015: Jenna Herstich 
1st Runner up: Maranda Crosby
2nd Runner up: Kayla Butler
Photogenic: Jenna Herstich
Horsemanship: Jenna Herstich
Speech: Jenna Herstich

Congeniality winner for Teen & Miss: Sheila Shirah

Miss Rodeo Florida Princess 2015: Addison Roberts 
1st Runner up: Kelly Harper
Photogenic: Caitlin Harris
Horsemanship: Addison Roberts
Speech: Caitlin Harris

Miss Rodeo Florida Sweetheart 2015: Heaven Crosby 
1st Runner up: Bailee Jeannin
Photogenic: Heaven Crosby
Horsemanship: Bailee Jeannin
Speech: Heaven Crosby

Congeniality for Sweetheart & Princess: Bailee Jeannin

Program Book Ad Sale Winners: 
1st Place: Jenna Herstich
2nd Place: Bailee Jeannin
3rd Place: Alexis Radatz