2020/2021 Pageant
September 6,7&8 2019

All Contestants were judged on:
Personal Interview
Impromptu Questions

Most Photogenic & Miss Congeniality
(Honor awards - no points toward final score)

Miss & Teen 
In addition to the above categories ~
Sell a live auction item
Written test
Horsemanship interview
Horsemanship riding competition
Miss Rodeo Florida
(Age 19-26)
Miss Teen Rodeo Florida 
(Age 15-18)
Miss Rodeo Florida Princess 
(Age 11-14)
Miss Rodeo Florida Sweetheart 
(Age 7-10)
Building Confidence ~ Achieving Dreams ~ Promoting Rodeo

For questions or more info
Jessica Kelly
E-Mail Jessica
Pageant was held at:
Hastings Ranch

Horsemanship Competition
McCormick Research Institute
4651 Rummell Road
St. Cloud, FL 34771
Miss Rodeo Florida – McKenna Andris

MRF- 1st Runner-up – Baily Simpson

MRF- 2nd Runner-up – Makayla Baker

MRF- Miss Congeniality – Makayla Baker

MRF Horsemanship Award – McKenna Andris

MRF Photogenic Award – McKenna Andris

MRF Speech Award – McKenna Andris

MRF Appearance Award – McKenna Andris

MRF Personality Award – McKenna Andris

MRF Test Award – McKenna Andris

Miss Teen Rodeo Florida – Courtney Clair

MTRF- 1st Runner-up – Kelly Harper

MTRF- 2nd Runner-up –Jessica Bryant

MTRF- Horsemanship Award – Kelly Harper

MTRF- Photogenic Award – Kelly Harper

MTRF- Speech Award – Courtney Clair

MTRF- Congeniality Award – Courtney Clair

MTRF- Test Award – Courtney Clair

Miss Rodeo Florida Princess – Emma Boisclair

MRFP- 1st Runner-up - Kaydynce Redman

MRFP- 2nd Runner-up – Jaylyn Dorado

MRFP- Photogenic Award - Emma Boisclair

MRFP- Speech Award - Kaydynce Redman

MRFP- Congeniality Award - Emma Boisclair

Miss Rodeo Florida Sweetheart – LillyAnn Daughtery

MRFS- 1st Runner-up - Teagan Frey

MRFS- 2nd Runner-up – Briar Osborn

MRFS- Photogenic Award – Eden Wood

MRFS- Speech Award – LillyAnn Daughtery

MRFS- Congeniality Award – Briar Osbrorn

Pageant Results